A parent’s Defiance

By Jennifer, from Georgia.

I asked my mom a few months ago if I could get a cartilage piercing and of course she said “NO!” Me being the person I am decided to go against her wishes and did it anyway.
After buying some studs from wal-mart. I came home and got myself some gloves. I then went into the kitchen to get some ice. At this point I was so excited and scared at the same time and also kind of jittery.

I went into one of our bathrooms (the one no one ever uses; it is the cleanest) and layed everything down. I put the gloves on and used cotton balls to wipe of the cartlige area with alcohol. I did that because I have done alot of research on the DIY cartilage piercing and that was one of the things I remember being said about it. Anyway, I then took two ice cubes (one in front of my ear and one behind it) and held it there for about 3 minutes so that it will numb my ear.

After putting the ice cubes down I took the earring and then looked at it took a deep breath and sorta kinda hesitated for a minute I thought to mself hurry up before the numbness wears off! So finally I took my ear looked in the mirror for the right spot and pushed the earring through. At first I Heard a pop and got excited, you know cause I thought i got it through but I felt the back of my ear and it wasn’t through yet So I keep pushing a little bit upward and heard 2 more pops (3 total) and then I put the back on. I did this again to the other ear except with different icecubes and a different cotton ball. To my surprise it came out symmetrical. YES!

I cleaned it at least twice a day and turned it while cleaning it. Its been about 4 months and its healed. I wouldn’t recommend doing it yourself although mine didn’t get infected. Good luck!
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  1. Sometimes I just think that people write and dont really have much to say. Not so here. You definitely have something to say and you say it with style, my man! You sure do have an interesting way of drawing people in, what with your videos and your words. Youve got quite a onetwo punch for a blog!

  2. Are you serious? Do you know the kind of damage you could have done to your cartilage? If piercing your cartilage was so important to you why couldn’t you have just waited until you could get a professional to do it with an actual needle?

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