8 Gauge Surgical Steel Spiral Taper

What better way to get that piece of large gauge body jewelry in your piercing than gently ease it in? This beautiful 8 gauge surgical steel spiral taper can do it for you, while making you look fabulous with the pretty polished spiral!

Spiral gauges are very convenient and cool to wear. The shapes alone look beautiful. You have probably seen or read about tribals wearing these to expand their piercings over time.

This pretty taper expander body jewelry is made from 8 gauge or 3 mm 316 L surgical grade stainless steel that is safe to wear. The attractive spiral design is highly polished. The tip, rather than being sharp, is smooth and rounded off to make for easy insertion so that you don’t have to flinch when inserting it into your ear piercing.

This intricate polished spiral has the tip bent pointing downward making it easy to insert. Buy one, or buy a pair to add your collection! 😉

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