15 Dollars and A Dream

By Ashley fron Bronx, NY.
 I was 21 years old when i got my first body piercing – the lip ring. I wanted it for 5 years before that, but I respected my mother’s wishes by waiting. I took her with me because I hate needles, but LOVE piercings and wanted to show her the piercer I trusted was a pro. We arrived, I signed an “over 18″ contract, paid, and asked her to hold my hand . As soon as my piercer cleaned my lip and got the needle ready, she ran out! So that leaves the experience of being alone for my first piercing.

Fast forward to 2012 – 3 years later.
I saw someone with the nasal septum ring and thought I would look AWESOME with one, it just fits my look . I told my mother and she asked why, she said i need NO MORE enhancements, I was pretty enough. But I HAD to. When I filed and receieved my taxes , I grabbed a 20 dollar bill and RAN to my piercer/tattoo artist . Once again , I had mommy dearest in tow. Deja Vu all over .. I signed the contract , paid , and asked her to join me … UNTIL my piercer said no . 🙁
So I sat down, let him clean my nose, and when he put the clamp on my nose, I automatically jumped up and said,
” Ummm I can’t do this. The clamp hurts, I can only imagine what the actual piercing would feel like . ” He laughed and said, ” Come on, really ???? Well let me know and I’ll refund you. ” I thought for a while and heard my mom say something about almost being late for work. So I decided to grow some BALLS and go for it !

I stuck it out ! Didn’t even flinch ! But I dug my nails into the chair so hard, I preforated his leather LOL . He showed me how to tuck it in for job interviews and/or school and I walked out …. One month later, I LOVE IT !
I may go for my right eybrow to complete it. MAYBE. As for now, I’m pretty satisfied, other than my CRAZY ass uncle said I looked like a cow . I get LOTS of compliments on it.

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