1 inch lobes

By Carissa from California.
I started stretching my lobes when I was fourteen right after I got my lip pierced. My earsI started stretching my lobes when I was fourteen right after I got my lip pierced.

My ears wernt pierced I just had a scar from when I had them done when I was a baby so friend and I went to hot topic to pick me up some plugs and the smallest size they had were 12’s so I bought them anyways, we went to the bathroom and I shoved them in I pretty much just tore a hole in my ear, it was stupid. my earlobes were so swollen I couldnt sleep or eat because it made my jaw swell too. Probably the dumest move ive made with any of my body modifactions.

I stretched stupidly and cleaned my ears with rubbing alcohol until I was to about a zero and I realized I was doing everything wrong so I took my time with stretching I stopped jumping sizes, cleaned them properly, taping them, stopped wearing acrylic its like murder for your ears dont buy acrylic. dont do what I did it was dumb. Ive seen so many storys of people ust totally killing their ears by jumping sizes putting random objects in them, using peroxide to clean them , its horrible, strettching your ears isnt a tiny piercing like an ear piercing that wont effect your life, if you want to stretch think about it it isnt always reversable, it will effect how you get a job and if you’re doing it wrong it can severly effect your health. no one wants a ripped, or blown out ear so be smart with it. stretching isnt some joke or fad.

After 5 years of stretching im at an inch, im staying here for a while, possibly going to an inch and a half, but im not sure im going to sit on it for a year and think if I want to, I do plan on keeping these, not letting them close up, I put to much work and care and love into my lobes. they look great they are healthy and happy and perfect, ive never torn them or anyuthing like that its easy to have nice looking stretched lobes people just dont take the time to take care of them.

I however did. It isnt a race.

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