0 Gauge Stainless Steel Stash Plug

If the word unusual describes you, I have got a really sexy looking body jewelry item to show you today. It is the 0 gauge stainles steel stash plug. Polished to a dazzling shine, this 316L implant grade surgical stainless steel stash plug is designed with an 8 mm wearable surface and a secret stasher compartment where you can hide small valuables! ❗ This means this unique body jewelry is completely safe to wear and you dont have to worry about allergic reactions!

You can order these plugs as single plugs or go in for a pair. This earring gauge is for stretched ear piercings and is cylindrical in shape. If you are concerned about stretched piercings, then you should know that the ear lobes get enough blood circulation and heal quite quickly. The 0 gauge stainless steel stash plug is a perfect accessory for those who want to hide their valuable stuff. The hollowed out portion is quite cleverly designed and you can stash away precious tiny things. Once you wear it, you can cover it with the seamless lid whose threads are hidden when you wear them. It is easy to wear and remove when you want. Get this exciting stash plug today! 😉

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